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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  April 17, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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. good morning, two separate shootings in the east bay has two people fighting for their lives. we have new information about the condition of victims from the bombing. and at the peninsular crews right now are battling a house fire in san mateo these are live pictures. we are live at the international airport where construction may soon begin on the international terminal and why it may soon provide an economic boost for the city. good morning, thank you for waking up with us, i am pam cook. >> steve is ready, he knows all about the weather. >> it is warming up?
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>> yes, and we have clear skies and in the mid-50s and there is enough of a breeze which means it will be sunny and warmer, here is sal. we are looking at 880, and the backup never did get to the coliseum which is good news and they cleared that stalled bus and traffic looking at the brid traffic is clear let's go back to the desk. a haywood woman was shot while sleeping in her bed. it happened in the area of flag street right near the haywood bart station. officers quickly blocked off the area with crime tape. they say somebody fired into the home and through the window and the victim was a woman in her 20s hit in the head and neck. however police say she was still alert when an ambulance took her to the hospital. she is in surgery at the medical center from what we
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understand. a late 1970s car was there and we are not sure if it was connected to the shooting. also san pablo low talked about a shooting which happened and they taped off the parking lot. witnesses reported seeing a white van and they are expected to release more information later on. they are still at the scene of this early morning house fire. these are live pictures you are looking at and look at the damage to the vehicle and that garage. now here the homeowner, the car alone went off and when he went outside he saw his car was on fire. he was able to get his wife and seven children safely out of the house. these are live pictures and
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this is a situation that they are checking out in san mateo and they will bring you the latest as we get more information. san francisco police are searching for two juveniles who escaped from juvenile hall last night. they broke out from this facility in the twin peeks neighborhood. we have very few details about the escapees like how old they are and why they were there. investigation goes on into the deadly marathon bombing. claudine wong is live with more about a news conference which just wrapped up in boston. claudine? >> reporter: that's right, it just wrapped up in last ten minutes but those patients, things are getting better. initially they had 10 critically injured but the number of critical is now at 2. one patient is a five-year-old
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boy, the other man in his 60s and there are still 10? serious condition and seven in fair condition. but the chief trauma surgeon said they will all survive. they range in age up to 78 years old. they completed life saving surgery which included amputations and they are now trying to prevent infections and they still have not had their wounds closed and the trauma surgeon is now trying to address posttraumatic stress disorder. authorities believed the bombs were put in two identical pressure cookers with shrapnel. they show the twisted metal are remnants of those pressure cookers that were packed with explosives and they show pictures of a battery and a
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small circuit board with wires and you can see it's on your screen and all of that evidence has been sent to an fbi lab. >> the range of suspects and motives remains wide open. we are asking anybody who heard somebody speak about the marathon on the date of april 15th in any way that indicated he or she may target the event to call us. somebody knows who did this. >> we learned the name of the chinese graduate student, they have identified her. this is a picture we first got and the 23-year-old was a graduate student at boston university and was reportedly with two friends at the finish line when the bombs exploded. claudine wong ktvu channel 2 morning news. last night several people gathered to pay tribute to the
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bombing victims. >> this was the emotional scene at the boston common. they carried banners declaring peace here and every everywhere. troops were there in the wake of security and bombings. and they were there to pay tribute to the victims and they are also doing some things here in the bay area to honor some of the people who are here and one person who was injured, a marathon runner from los gatos said she was lucky to be among those who competed in the marathon and that's because 58- year-old christine kennedy was a finalist finishing the big race in less than three hours and she crossed the line nearly two hours before the bombs went off.
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now she tells the los gatos patch, she said thank god i am fast enough to finish in that time so my friends and family were out of harm's way. and a special tablet was only about the boston marathon bombing, and this week's digital addition is the first of its kind. it shows photos and interactive analysis of that attack. last year time magazine released two tablet additions during the 2012 addition. and meanwhile, the writer of the hit series family guy, we will tell you what seth mcfarland is saying now on twitter. and at the airport, janine de la vega has been working on this story this morning and
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joins us now to tell us the airport may have a new deal, janeane? >> reporter: they say the mayor is very happy because the city will reap financial benefits and the parking lot will house a new terminal and last night the city council approved going forward with signature flight services. they will be building an $82 million facility next to the airport and along that, a new facility and ramp space, 7 hangers, five will be used to house the jets of the chief executive. the airport will get $3 million a year to help payoff its reason renovation. the city will receive up to $3 million in annual income and they expressed concern about noise levels but they say
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signature will have to adhere to the curfew in place which restricts them to flying between 10:00 p.m. and 6:30 a.m. i asked if any of signature's jets could qualify during the carry few because of the lower sound level but she said it is possible and we are planning on reaching out to people who live near there and hopefully we will have that for you as the morning news continues. reporting live, janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> sal, another crash on 680? >> that's right, 680 contra costa, pam and dave, in walnut creek, it is involving a couple of vehicles and they are sending medics out to the scene and we are not sure if anybody is injured but you can already see from our road sensors traffic is slowing down on highway 4. out to the live
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pictures we go, here on interstate 880, traffic is looking good after some earlier problems and at the bay bridge toll plaza, it is getting filled in and they are turning on metering lights and they are beginning to slow down, let's go to steve. a little clearing out in the sierra nevada, a northeast breeze here, temperatures are coming up and there are some cold readings but for most, 56 and we will go 66 and a high of 71 degrees and a mild morning with a north, northeast wind and i have seen some gusts. although from the west coast peak, we have a cool breeze because it is westerly. we have a westerly breeze and a north, northeast pattern and it's going to be a warmer pattern all the way to friday and into the weekend. oakland north, northwest at napa, north at santa rosa,
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finally turned west at santa rosa. and there are still some 30s and 47 calistoga, yesterday at this time there were 32 and you can see a big difference and if it was not for the breeze we would be a lot colder than this and also on the coast. 22 in tahoe, what in the sam hell is going on, 41 in monterey, a cold morning for some, it will be sunny for everybody, not everybody is in on the breeze but sunshine and warmer temperatures and that breeze is turning more northeast and 61 to 70s and this is a day when everybody is close, 72 redwood city, 68 in d.c., 70 in san francisco, sunshine and warm temperatures will take us all the way to the
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weekend and maybe into next week. a major announcement by fresh and easy, the cost cutting measures that are here and in the bay area. we are getting something special added to the new immigration reform bill. disturbing new reports from the boston bombing and budget cuts. you kids should count yourselves lucky.
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[ music ] >> that was the last night where both the new york yankees and oakland a's honored the boston victims, it has become the and them of the bust on it red sox which from -- boston red sox which traditionally play is the song and redick wore an arm band which said hold strong. they are strongly condemning an online clip which made the rounds on the internet. it shows family guy using a cell phone to trigger explosions at the boston marathon. now the fake clip was based on
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scenes which aired last month and it has been pulled from the fox network. mcfarland is expressing his outrage over the doctored clip and he says the event was a crime and tragedy my thoughts are with the victims. and authorities reveal the obama administration has cut prevention. they told the london daily mail ten years ago department of homeland had $20 million for preventing domestic bombing. right now it reads under 11 million under budget. right now they are talking about gun legislation and kyla campbell reports from the washington d.c. newsroom, average americans are seemingly backing off the push for tougher laws, kyla? >> reporter: they are weakening across the country and here is
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the latest poll. 49% of americans now support stricter gun laws which is down 58% in january. this afternoon the senate is voting on at least 9 different pieces of legislation and they will expand to online gun sales and shows. it needs 60 votes to pass and based on a number of senators speaking out it looks like they could fall short. there are others up for a vote including an assault weapons ban led by dianne finestein. >> we hope to set up a series of votes both sides would like to initially offer on this legislation. >> the final legislation will -- >> reporter: the final legislation will not be hammered out and i will have
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what happens in these next votes when i see you next kyla campbell ktvu channel 2 morning news. according to the washington post, facebook lobbyists worked behind the scenes on capitol hill to get a provision in the new bill that would be helpful to new technical companies. they are helping to avoid a requirement that they make a good faith effort he to recruit americans before hiring foreign workers. the tech industry has often complained of a short taj of -- shortage of experienced workers. rice will be joined on the panel by hailey barber, former governor of mississippi and rendell, the former governor the pennsylvania and a former president clinton
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administration housing secretary and they are all leading a task force for a consensus leading reform for immigration. it will be held at redwood park. and senator sanford is trying to rebuild his tainted career, he is accused of trespassing of his ex-wife's home. he used the cell phone as a flashlight. he has been ordered to appear in court two days after he runs for a congressional seat. meanwhile they have approved a ban for new bars on polk street. for years they have complained the nightlife has gotten out of control in that area. no alcohol permits will be issued between two streets and they are looking at similar restrictions for the rest of the polk street. good luck trying to find a place to park on or near the uc
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berkeley campus now that new construction projects are underway. cal recently shut down 400 parks spaces at the parking structure. in august they will remove another 230 parking spaces which leaves less than 554 spaces for 5500 staff and faculty members. school officials want to encourage students workers and officials to use public transportation to get to the cal campus. >> it's not a great commute and there is now a crash at the toll plaza. that's right we have an injury crash in the middle of this picture we are about to show you. two cars got into it and chp is on the way to check it out. it is already slow and it is east or westbound of the toll plaza, i don't see it but i do see a chp vehicle trying to get through with a flashing light
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up the ramp of 880 and we will show you it if it is indeed there. traffic is moving along well and there are no major problems and 680, two on the shoulder but it didn't turn out to be a major crash as we thought. and antioch is slow as it normally is. slow and a little cold, 30s yet for others it is in the 50s and we have a north, northeast breeze but it's not widespread 15 to 25 everything is moving out, snow moving back into denver snow in the planes and it is going to be another breezy day out of the north and with that in mind, temperatures are either cold, 38 in middletown yet 49 in calistoga, 44 due to a breeze or no breeze if not you are probably in the
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50s or 40s and other areas are really cool. in the mountain of monterey 46. the northeast wind will equal a lot of warm weather certainly by the coast and it will be very close temperature wise and it will be wall to wall sunshine, temperatures are going above average and it looks like we are going to stay here into early next week. well, the biggest retailer in great britain will abandon its grocery store in the u.s. the first u.s. store opened in 2007 but the chain has never turned a profit. the chain has not announced when it will shut down its u.s. stores. when i grow up i want to be stefan curry.
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. it is now 6:25, they are now questioning the commitment
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to safety, a like to a report shows they do not make safety a priority and they have also found they are not finding utilities the way they should after the san bruno gas-x motion. -- gas explosion. this afternoon players will get to throw out the ceremonial first pitch at the a's game against houston. that's right, golden state warriors, star stefan curry is breaking the 3 point record and he needs two more threes to have a record in the 2005 / 2006 season and tonight they play the warriors.
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we hope he breaks that record. sal, unfortunately we can't talk about basketball because we have to talk about traffic problems. >> yes we do and fortunately that crash ended up to the being there and we are interstate 880 and that traffic looks good coming into the valley and now is your chance to get to the silicone valley before everybody gets on the road and it has been a pretty decent drive here as you drive through fremont. we have a clear morning, temperatures are anywhere from 30s to 40s and maybe some 40s if we get that breeze in the 50s and it will not take long, we are looking at a lot of 60s and 70s and sunny warm weather takes us not only today but for a while. claudine wong will tell us what was revealed during a news
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conference which has just wrapped up. we are live in hayward, a woman is shot in the head while she is sleeping. we will take you to the opening bell and we will tell you why the markets are headed lower this morning. ♪
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. right on time, the opening bell, they are pulling the u.s. the affair way market coming in and actually a new york greeter in the new york area founded in 1933, they are celebrating going public and it is always a good sign for the public, maybe they will expand and who knows, we will have all the numbers and tell you why stocks are headed lower this morning. we will smile and say good morning to you thank you for
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joining ktvu channel 2 morning news, middle of the week april 17th, i am dave clark. >> and good morning, i am pam cook, it is now 6:30. a woman was shot while sleeping at her home and shot. she has been rushed into surgery and tara moriarty is right there at the victims' home and you can designs of the shooting there. tara? >> reporter: yes the two bullet holes pierced the front window of the home. both struck her one in the head one in the next and she has been taken to the hospital where she is now undergoing surgery. she was alert when they took her in the ambulance so that is good news. they scoured this area for evidence, a late 1970s car was seen speeding from the area but they are not sure if that is connected or not. it all happened this morning
6:32 am
and the victim is in her mid- 20s and she told police she does not know who would want to kill her so real think are no -- really, there are no suspects in mind but we don't know if this woman was targeted but there were at least three other people in the home at the time and nobody else was hurt. we will try to get more information from haywood police and we will of course pass that along to you. ktvu channel 2 morning news tara moriarty. highway patrol is investigating the death of a person killed trying to cross an area in san rafael. it happened last night near the san pedro exit. a man was hit by two cars. the driver of the first car immediately pulled over. the second driver in a silver or gray vehicle left that scene. highway 101 was partially closed down for three hours during the investigation. we are following new
6:33 am
overnight developments as the investigation into the deadly bombings continue. claudine wong joins us with more information we are just learning about the evidence and the victims, claudine? >> reporter: yes, we are following the evidence on both the investigation and the victims and we have new information as well as new pictures coming out. let's go over the evidence, the fbi believes the bombs were put into pressure cookers and in fact they told cnn the fled a pressure cooperate -- lid from the pressure cooker was found on the roof of one of the building. you can see twisted wires and metal all belonging to those bags carrying those pressure cookers that were found near the scene and you can see the circuit board and all of the remnants have been sent to the fbi. the scene is very active at this point and they also talked about the evidence they are
6:34 am
collecting in terms of shrapnel actually pulled from the victim's injuries and they talked about a wide range of injuries still being brought there, two people including a five-year-old range in critical condition, and 19 people are at that hospital and as doctors work to treat them, investigators will be working closely to look at the evidence recovered from those victims. >> were those nails purchased at lowes or home depot and when were they purchased, is it possible to determine who purchased those nails and when they did. >> this morning we learned the graduate's name and they have identified her. this is a picture from the post that we just got this morning. she was 23 years old, a graduate student at boston university and reportedly was at that finish line with a couple of friends when the
6:35 am
bombs exploded taking her life. live in the newsroom claudine wong ktvu channel 2 morning news. and they held a fundraiser for the 11-year-old boy in the boston bombings. a local band provided entertainment and workers vol material not only their -- volunteers donated their time as well. the family of aaron earn. he serious lincoln tunnel juried her -- seriously injured his leg. we spoke to the boy's father last night. >> he is stable, under sedation, he has a breathing tube in. >> he is scheduled to undergo another surgery but he is expected to make a full recovery. they will return to martinez in
6:36 am
time for his 12th birthday. the fbi is following self new leads in the boston bombing. new this morning, there was very tight security of former british security margaret thatcher. her casket was taken to st. paul's cathedral. dick cheney and president barack obama, prince phillip were there among the and security was even tighter among the wake of the bombings. new zealand is the latest country to approval gay marriages. they have 44 in favor of the bill and the public started sing their country's national
6:37 am
anthem after approving that vote and this makes them the 19th country in the world to legalize gay marriages. in san francisco, the appeals court is challenging a state law banning sexual orientation conversion therapy. it is designed to make gay teens straight and a first of its kind law banning the practice was scheduled to take affect january 1st. the legal practice says the band violates the rights of practitioners and parents and supporters say it is a dangerous therapy. charges are to be charged against the man who was shot quinn bauer while in the hills. they announced five teen boys, two 15-year-old, 116-year-olds
6:38 am
and -- two, 16-year-olds and two 14-year-olds were arrested. investigators are looking for times in reviewing -- tips in reviewing the pg&e sabotage. the santa clara county sheriff's office said somebody used a high powered rifle to shoot at pg&e transformers creating a chemical spill. the same vandal cut a fiber optic's line knocking out internet service as well an 911 services and they are looking for the arrest and conviction and they are offering a reward. they may take them off line today for repairs. sal, i know you are taking care of the bridges too, right? >> yes, dave, pam, right now traffic is moving along slowly on highway 4, i wanted to show this to you because at first it
6:39 am
was only slow in antioch because it made its way to bay bridge and the bay bridge toll plaza, they did not find the reported crash but traffic is still slow here at toll plaza and there is a 25 minute delay. the crash was on the showed darn traffic on westbound 580 has not been -- show the traffic on westbound 580 has not been their that bad. patrick in red wood said it is 55 and others are saying 32, so most of the mild temperatures are here locally and up here in the mountains we had snow and things are winding down, san francisco two days ago was 54 degrees and today we are going 72 degrees and we will have 66 at noon, 70s along
6:40 am
the embarcadero and we have a mild morning for most, not for everybody, although there is a slight component westerly and warmer weather is on the way not only for the rest of the week but even early next week and there are hints next monday could be really warm. we'll see. spring snow in the rockies and there is all sorts of activity going on, things are calming down except for the breeze and look at the line of severe weather which came out of cincinnati, west virginia and there is a big plume of it headed towards the great lakes. that breeze is out of the north or northwest and it's a northerly wind but temperatures are mild and warm to almost 50 degrees and there are a lot of 50s in oakland, and 57 degrees, 22 in lake tahoe, 33 in our
6:41 am
reek, eureka no breeze but for some they are starting off mild to warm, sunny for everybody for a while. temperatures in the 60s and 70s and it plays into the forecasted high, a broad brush will be close here, i do play a lot of emphasis, it will be warm and take us all the way to the weekend. >> south bay law enforcement called a tragic case of cyber bullying. the family is being called and she committed suicide days after she was sexually assaulted online. we are talking about the grant reopening of the explore tore yum. is it exciting stuff in coming back in the morning. this morning's golden gate bridge, traffic looks good and we will tell you about the
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. good morning, clear skies, a lot of 50s, sunny mild and warmer with highs in the 70s. here is a look at some of the top stories we are
6:45 am
following, look at this, bullet holes in the window of a house in hayward. a woman in her house was sleeping when somebody opened fire and hit her once in the head and neck. she is undergoing surgery. they broke out in the facility in the twin peeks neighborhood around 10:00 p.m. there is no word about these escapees, we don't know how old they are or even why they were in juvenile hall. a man his wife and seven children escaped a burning house and the man by the i was getting up to go to work when he heard noises outside. we now continue our coverage of the boston bombings, investigators are
6:46 am
following critical new leads and emily schmidt is following new information, we understand you have critical information about the victims from the bombing? >> reporter: we have been talking for the past few days about the 183 people injured and 20 of them went to boston medical center. we heard from the doctor treating them and 19 of the 20 are still in the hospital. five had am pew -- there were seven amputations among five patients and it shows how serious the injuries were here. they range in age from 5 to 78 and here is the good news, the doctor says all of the patients are expected to survive and that's the kind of resilience and the good news that boston
6:47 am
is certainly wanting to hear right now. >> reporter: i heard one doctor say one patient had 20 - 30 pieces of shrapnel in their bodies and they say this could all be potential evidence in this case. >> reporter: yes, they are taking what they find and combining that with the evidence they are still finding on the scene and pam, we have  been talking about the pressure cooker lid they have been talking about from cnn that law enforcement discovered and they believe it was a bomb which they found on top of a rooftop, the force of that explosion, that is another potentially critical piece of evidence as they are literally going to piece these fragments together about how they did it, and perhaps why they did it. >> the coverage of this story
6:48 am
is unfolding moment by moment, emily schmidt in boston. now they are putting together a special run tomorrow in honor of the boston marathon bombing victims. that route will be three miles long, one mile for each of the victims killed in the bombing. it will start on college avenue and end at snow park with a candle light vigil. those who are asked to participate are being asked to wear blue and yellow. we will have continuing coverage throughout the morning and the investigation and don't forget we have a special section where you will find photos of the victims and the information on the ongoing investigation again, ktvu channel 2 morning it may take three teenage
6:49 am
boys -- the judge some time to decide whether the three teenage boys to be tried as adults. a judge considered whether to release the boys to their parents. audrie pott was a 15-year-old girl who committed suicide days after she was sexually assaulted. her family said she killed herself after photographs of the incident were distributed at the high school. her parents are claiming negligence with the school district. one of san francisco's most popular museums will reopen at a new and improved location. brian flores is live in san francisco and you are right where the exploratorium is opening up for festivities brian? >> reporter: yes, i have two
6:50 am
young kids as you know and you can almost bet they will be here. but this is it, the revamped brand-new exploratorium from the embarcadero and a lot of work went into moving this to this very spot to talk a little more about that process and i want to bring in kent phillips, first of all, how excited are you about this project? >> well, for the exploratorium in general, it took many years of planning and it is all coming to ahead so we are all very excited. >> it is three times as large as the old one and talk about the work that went into demolishing the old work and putting in a new one. they had a lot of issues coming out with the renovation of the peers and the structural work they had. the new building is high tech and it is also a lead project
6:51 am
so a lot of work went into the planning for net zero building. >> a lot of families are expected to be here in the coming days and what can we expect from the old building? >> just more of the same and as you know bigger and better, and it is a hands on exhibit so kids enjoy it and it's a great learning experience. >> kids are excited as well as myself are excited to go in there and mayor ed lee will be there and galveston ed will be -- and as well the mayor. >> sal will get a picture once he gets inside there. >> i can tweet it too. we will look at traffic which is a little bit slow and
6:52 am
as you cross 880 traffic is moving along okay, we had a 30 minute delay and traffic is backed up and if you are driving into livermore from caster valley, it looks good >> >> becky in oakly said my goodness, the wind is blowing and cats are freaking out and for some it is a with very windy morning. average is 63 for this time of year and we will blow past that, 70 degrees today and lots of sunshine for a while, some lows mainly to the north are cold. for us here locally 50s and 56 in oakland and i have seen gusts near mayor island and it's a warmer pattern and not only for today but for a while. the system ejecting out will be a snowmaker and severe weather
6:53 am
maker but high pressure is settling in and it looks like it will hang around, not much of a change, these are going above average and they will stay on the high side, it looks good as we go into the weekend. . >> we have more on an explosion outside and how the people inside got out safely.
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
. 6:55 dow jones industrial average is down aspected, disappointing news, we have economic sluggishness and disappointing news from bank of america. and they have hit a milestone, the world's largest auto maker has hit a milestone and even toyota had low expectations at first hoping to sell 300 a month. hybrids make up to 14% of sales at tow out and it led to -- 0 a-
6:57 am
- at toyota. they had a large amount of ammunition. firefighters rushed to the area last night at 5:30, they were told 2000 rounds of ammunition were in that garage and caused them to explode. a smoke alarm saved the people inside and they did get out safely and the investigation continues. special events will be considered remembering the worst disaster in san francisco history. the and wall -- annual parade and dinner will take place this afternoon and one survivor will be there. winnie hook is 107 years old. she was only two years old when that san jose quake destroyed her home. for mornings on 2, it is a
6:58 am
busy time and i want to show you traffic will be backed up and we had a bad start but now it is getting better. let's go to steve. clear for some, temperatures will warm up and it will be clear sunny and it will be this way for a while, temperatures for 70s for many. our coverage will continue for the boston marathon bombings and we will tell you what one victim was doing just before the explosions. also it is opening day for a popular san francisco museum at its new location, stay with us, we will be right back. look at them kids. [ sigh ]
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